Berni Philbin
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Three Sheets To The Wind

Go back to the days, in many ways
they were fun filled with laughter
back to the place by the sea
foot loose fancy free.
Quick kiss goodbye
thought we could fly to the sky.
three sheets to the wind
senses muted and dimmed.
Fools rush for the breeze and fall down on their knees.
We could not go on we were like the song
wide eyed and legless.
We could not go on before too long
we'd be tongue tied lost inside.
Quick kiss goodnight wise up and see the light.
In the light of the day you turned away
bitter and twisted.
Couldn't hear what we'd say and anyway
we were straight laced in your face.
Eyes open wide pride cast aside we tried.

Three sheets to the wind
memory distant and dimmed
You stuck with the breeze
and crashed down on your knees.
Quick kiss goodnight
too late to see the light.

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