Berni Philbin
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The Morning After

 Woke up feeling like a fool
have I broken any rules
this feeling is nothing new.
So I pulled the sheets over my head
think I'll spend the day in bed
in my makeup clothes and shoes.

Will I ever learn
Will I ever learn
to listen to my head
think I'll stay in bed.

So many things I' should have done
the job I work in has well begun
was it worth it yes it was fun.
As the pain is thumping through my brow
for how I feel I'll take a bow
do I regret it yes I do now.


Got to have fun
just a little fun
but tell me how come
that smile upon my face
has disappeared oh dear oh dear
will I ever learn.

Can't sleep thoughts driving me insane
did my mouth bypass my brain
well if it did I'll take the blame.
My memory is not all too clear
got to get myself in gear
the afternoon is already here.

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