Berni Philbin
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Every Year

 Brightness fades the tired moon
Its glory gone like the ones you love, too soon
the clouds take away the glowing sun
its heat is gone but this world still goes on.

And I'll take a piece of every year,
for the time that you are here 
and keep it in my mind
and even when your time has come
you will still live on all of the time
So god bless take care
and as you walk through life's door
you'll be with your one true love once more.

Hot September days begin
and then the cold December winds blow in
days and weeks grow into years
as time goes on how fast they disappear.

a bright moon sails across clear skies
pleasures to come and pleasures long gone by.
So walk on my friend your head held high
along life's road keep the twinkle in your eye.

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