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Born sometime in the last century, Berni Philbin is a singer/songwriter from Dublin who has been writing songs for many years.

She got her first guitar at the age of eight, and performed regularly at school concerts. She then studied guitar, at the royal academy of music in Dublin, but decided that this wasn't what she wanted to do.
"Too much like hard work"

Berni turned her love of music into songwriting at the age of seventeen.  She went on to win Irish song writer of the year at the age of eighteen, and was booked to appear on the JohnnyCarson television show in New York, to perform the winning song. Unfortunately she was a little overwhelmed with New York, and missed the show.
Berni then took to the stage playing support regularly with various bands around Dublin.

Berni's music is a compelling blend of folk, pop, and jazz resulting in a style that is uniquely her own. It has been described as melodic, lyrical and deeply moving. Powerful lyrics inspired by her life experiences, her song-writing is filled with passion.

  Berni Philbin

For the past ten years, Berni has been performing in a two piece band, playing mostly covers.
In 2003 one of Berni's songs was chosen, for a compilation album featuring artists such as U2, Van Morrison, The Corrs, and other well known Irish artists. The album called Sound Minds, was released as a fund raiser for The Irish mental health association, the song "That's Life" also appears on Berni's new album. Berni has spent the last year recording her new album, the result is a collection of ten original songs.
The album is called "All Systems Go" and is available now.

The album can be purchased now from CD Baby
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or from Road records on
16B Fade Street, Dublin 2,
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